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Basic Quran and introduction to

Tajweed Level Two

Course Duration 55-68 hours
Minimum 2-3 hours a week

This course is a follow-on from stage one basic Quran recitation and is aimed at students who are able to read the Quran, however, are not fluent and lack in confidence. The course aims to support their confidence as well as improve their fluency in reading the Quran. It will also help identify regular and common mistakes that students often make without realising it, and as the students progress through each lesson, they will be more confident in their Qiraat and the application of the basic rules of tajweed. If you are starting from level two and are not sure of all the rules, don’t worry as some of the basic topics from the level 1 course will also be covered.  

We recognise that each student’s journey of learning to recite the Quran will be different and so our support will be tailored to their individual needs to maximise their full potential, focusing on areas where they require the most support. In this course, we will also include some heevzal (memorisation of the Quran) and dua’s. 

To enrol in this course students are required to know how to read Arabic words and must have knowledge of vowels, sukoon, madd, tanween and shaddah. Any student who has completed Qaida”, can join this course as well. 

If you value Quranic education and believe in the importance of learning the Quran, and are looking for an educational specialist who can provide exceptional support to ensure you and your child meets their full potential, then get in touch. 

Course Overview

1. Learning Arabic alphabet using norania (book)

2. Vowels

3. Joining of letters to make word

4. Tanween

5. Sukoon

6. Madd Letters

7. Shaddah

8. Lean Letters

9. Porgesing to read full sentences and practicing iaya

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