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The Key

Foundation Couse

Minimum 30 minutes a week

Our key foundation course is designed to cover many aspects of Islamic teaching along with the key subject which includes details of how to pray and its importance, memorisation of Juz 30, learning dua’s and its importance, hadith and short stories from the Quran. This course is designed so that it acts as a supplementary course along with the level 1 and 2 basic Quran course for our younger students. 

At Al-Azkar, we recognise this course to be a very important part of our young student’s learning journey of the Quran and Islam, so we encourage our students to enrol on this course at least one session a week along with their basic Quran study. To further help our students, we will provide access to materials relating to this course through our portal where they will find a recording of Juz 30 for revision, study activity, list of duas for memorisation and much more. 

If you value Quranic education and believe in the importance of learning the Quran, and are looking for an educational specialist who can provide exceptional support to ensure you and your child meets their full potential, then get in touch.

Please contact our admin support if you require more information about this course or help in arranging this course along with your child’s Quran study.

Course Overview

1. Memorisation of short Surah form Juz 30

2. Rules of ablution

3. Rules of Ghusl

4. How to perform prayer and its importance

5. Lesson around puberty for young Adults

6. Memorising of daily Dua’s

7. Stories from the Quran

8. Life of the Prophets

9. Duties to others as a Muslim

10. And many more

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