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Basic Quran Recitation

Level One

Course Duration 50-60 hours
Minimum 2-3 hours a week

This course is designed for beginners starting to learn to read the Quran, it is for both children and adults who have no prior knowledge of reading the Quran or Arabic language. During this course you will be taught Arabic alphabets and vowels, joining of letters to make words and reading of the Quran. To keep our young students engaged and interested we will be using quizzes and stories from the Quran. 

We at Al-Azkar recognise this stage to be the key foundation to our student’s study journey, and so we will be providing a comprehensive approach, so that our students are familiar with the basic rules for Quran recitation and the importance of clear pronunciation. Students will be monitored regularly along with tests to ensure they fully understand the basic rules. Students will also have access to our online portal where they will have all their lesson plans, revision materials and progress report. Once students have completed this course successfully insha-Allah it will enable them to start to read the Quran.  

There are no requirements other than a full commitment from the student and parents to complete the course. 

If you value Quranic education and believe in the importance of learning the Quran, and are looking for an educational specialist who can provide exceptional support to ensure you and your child meets their full potential, then get in touch. 

Course Overview

1. Learning Arabic alphabet using norania (book)

2. Vowels

3. Joining of letters to make word

4. Tanween

5. Sukoon

6. Madd Letters

7. Shaddah

8. Lean Letters

9. Porgesing to read full sentences and practicing iaya

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